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Join us on an E-Bike tour of Brașov to explore the city's history by 'walking' the hills surrounding this medieval fortress. Discover the views, the food and the people, let our guides show you hidden corners around and above the city. A three hour unique experience that'll be the highlight of your trip here.

Small groups, suitable for all ages.


Preț:      250 Lei/persoană


Starting point: Brașov - Urban Village

Time slot: 10:00 - 13:00

Total duration: 3h

Distance: 10 - 12 km



- E-Bike;

- Romanian & English speaking guide;

- Assitance for the entire tour;

- Helmet and knee pads.


- Other services.



Bookings: +40 731 909 999


Ancient Watchtowers
The White and Black Towers forever watching over the city. Built at the end of the 15th century, they have been part of the city`s landscape for most of its life. Renovated in early 21st century, they now serve as art galleries and sometimes event venues or concert backdrops and are the central points of interest when exploring beyond the...
Schei Neighbourhood
Brașov started out as a Saxon settlement on the merchant road from East to West. During the first centuries of city life Romanians were not allowed to own property within the city walls and their acces were allowed only through one of the gates. So they slowly started building and settling around that gate, the result of those decades of...
Under Tâmpa
Tâmpa is one of the most recognisable features of Brașov, towering over it with the famous Brașov light sign on top. A least known fact is that the entire mountain is a nature reserve due to the rare species of bears, butterflies, birds and plants that call it home. We`ll take a stroll on the lively promenade at the base of the mountai...
Brașov Fortress
The Old Fortress looks over the city from the top of the last hill we`ll be visiting on our tour. What started out as a tower in the 15h centrury, slowly developed into the full fortress you see today over the span of 3 centuries. We`ll circle round the castle for a 360 degree look over Brașov - old town, new town, industrial area.
The only place in Romania rated as 3 stars in the famous Michelin tourist guide, Prejmer is the oldest fortified church in Bârsa Country, the first c...
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