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Located at less than 30 km from Brașov, on a cliff, at a strategic point which once was a fortress built by the Teutonic Knights for defending the southeastern border of Transylvania, Bran Castle was built in the 14th century by Transylvanian traders in order to defend themselves against the numerous Ottoman invasions.

Although he never visited Transylvania, Bram Stoker created, relying heavily on his own imagination, a mysterious, dark and fearsome aura of Count Dracula, which led to the myth that once the castle was the house of the Wallachian Prince Vlad the Impaler, painted by the historians of that time as a ruthless and blood thirsty despot. The historical truth is that Vlad the Impaler used the fortress as a starting point for his incursions in Transylvania, was taken prisoner by the Hungarian King Matei Corvinul for two months at Bran Castle.

Granted in 1920 by the City Council of Brașov to Queen Maria of Romania, in gratitude for its contribution to the Great Union, the museum exhibits collections of furniture, suits, weapons and armor. Bran domain also includes the Royal Park with the two lakes, the Tea House, the Administrator's House and the Princess's Ileana House.

While the character of Stoker is just a fantasy, Bran Castle continues to exert a strong attraction for all Count Dracula’s fans...

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